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Prayer in Northallerton church

A range of regular and ad-hoc prayer groups and meetings are held in the parish and these are open to everybody



These include:

  • The Prayer Chain: A group of intercessors offering prayer in times of emergency or stress. Prayers are said for one week, or longer if requested. Full confidentiality is maintained with details confined to the chain group.


  • Other intercessors pray for those with chronic or longer term problems on an ongoing prayer list for as long as needed.

  • Prayer and Praise services are held from time to time at All Saints'.
    A lively but moving modern service, usually led by lay people.


  • Centering Prayer group meets monthly for silent prayer and shared reflection. 


For more information, or to activate a prayer chain request,

please contact the prayer co-ordinator, Jill Walley, on 01609 776625.

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