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Mothers' union

No, we are not just the tea and sandwiches brigade!

There are lots of other activities we are involved

with, both nationally and internationally.

The driving aim for Mothers' Union is to enable

marriages and family life to survive the

pressures of our age. In order to further this

objective, we uphold Christ's teaching on

marriage and family life and encourage people

to bring up their children within the life of our



We maintain a world-wide network of groups united in prayer and local service. Through these we promote conditions in society conducive to family stability as well as helping families around the world in times of adversity.



We have many projects both local and national to help with issues around starvation and poverty. We also link with other charities in assisting with natural disasters world-wide. Through parliament we make our voice heard on issues which affect the quality of family life (such as Sunday Trading) and also issues of social justice (human trafficking). We fight for better conditions in places where poverty (through war and disaster) is endemic.


At home we help our local church by our support of families at Baptism and worship for pre-school age children. We also have our own meetings on the second Tuesday at 2.15pm at All Saints Church and the fourth Tuesday at 2:15 pm at St James Church where we have speakers about up to date issues such as crime prevention and recycling, as well as occasions for fun and meals out and joining with Churches Together in the area.



We help with fund raising both for our own local projects and for bigger issues, as well as helping with donations of knitting for The Mission to Seafarers and children's clothes to Romania. We do still sometimes cater for tea and sandwiches for church events but as you can see that is not all we do! Do come and join us!

If you need a contact please 'phone Liz on 01609 761065

Mothers Union in Northallerton Church
Mothers Union banner
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